Over time, I have found that divorcing myself from the stresses of daily life has become harder and harder. It seems to take longer to unwind at the end of a day. Maybe more of the truth is that days just seem to last longer. There is always one more thing to do. One more person to attend to. One more need, not my own, that must be met. Because of this, I have found my passionate self, my sensual self, slipping into the background, always taking second place to something else.


I have always been a sensual and sexual person. But, that sensuality thrives on mood. Creating mood takes time and energy. It requires the ability to focus purely on pleasure, when there are so many other pressing tasks. Put all of this together and sex becomes another one of these tasks. It is something else to accomplish at the end of the day, another way to meet another person’s needs. Taking a bath or reading a book often seems more relaxing.


One day, I looked at my bookshelf and saw definite patterns in my reading habits. The books I read were often erotic in nature and I noticed that after I spent some time with an erotic story, I wanted that intimate interaction with my partner. When I finally identified this larger pattern I realized I had found a way to easily connect with my sensuality. So, I began to create my own fantasies, my own little erotic islands, and I started to write them down.


Humans are sensual creatures. We are sexual creatures. We are erotic creatures. And, passion breeds passion. Whenever I write, it feels as though I am indeed Invoking Eros because when I have finished, my body and mind are alive with erotic sensations. I thought that, if I have a way to ignite this part of my life, there must be a way to share it and help others plug directly in to their erotic natures, the way I was able to. Novels were too long, and for my needs, the plot-lines were always superfluous. All I ever wanted to read were the racy sections. They were the parts that woke up my body. All I ever needed were the erotic vignettes.


So, here, I share vignettes of my own creation with you. Perhaps they will help you to Invoke Eros in your bedroom and in your life.


Come and visit me often. There will always be something new.