Everyone should be having sex, passionately, energetically, and often.

Unfortunately, by the time so many of us come to the point in our day when we have time to devote ourselves to erotic gymnastics, we are so wound up from the rigors of that day that it is nearly impossible to let go. And letting go is exactly what needs to happen to be able to truly enjoy sensual activities.

Some people are blessed with minds that are wired to let their bodies take over. For these people, sex is their relaxation. Eros has certainly smiled on you! Enjoy his gifts!

For the rest of us, it takes a little outside influence, a little foreplay. This is for you.

These vignettes are for anyone looking for sensual inspiration. Take these words, these fantasies, and use them as a jumping-off point in your intimate activities. Use them as a spark. Let them switch your mind and your emotions from the task-oriented survivalist activities of the day to the more pleasant and passionate activities of your bedroom. Use them as a way to summon your passions, to Invoke Eros.