About fucking time.

“It’s about fucking time!” The words were primal grunts under his breath as he drove into her. They had been circling each other for weeks and finally, tonight, they had come together.


The response she gave him was not much more verbal. It was simply a higher pitched combination of grunts mixed with sighs and moans. Her fingernails told him a lot, too. She had already scratched him and now she was digging her fingers into his hair and pulling his face down to hers like she hadn’t tasted man in years. It was raw and he loved it. He gave as good as he got, answering every violent tug on his body with a stiff pump. His ass and his abs were gonna hurt tomorrow. Sweetest workout he had had in forever.


Shit! He felt amazing. His skin was smooth and the muscles were hard underneath it. She hadn’t even realized until she started to touch him. What did he do to get a body like this? Fuck it! She didn’t care right now. That body was between her legs and she was on fire. It had been a while, but no so long that it should light her up like this. There were serious chemical reactions going on under her skin. This experiment was definitely working.


The encounter moved quickly. Not a lot of foreplay. None was needed. They had been flirting and turning each other on from across the room for long enough. As the sex ramped up, he felt how easily he could come, and realized he didn’t want it to be over that quickly. “Let’s slow it down a little, ok.” He was panting, fighting to get the words out and calm his body at the same time. “Yeah,” she managed to answer. Her lips were right by his ear and he felt her head nod up and down in agreement. He slowed his movements and she relaxed into the gentler rhythm.


Now that things were calming, she had a chance to look at him, to assess this figure undulating over and inside of her. He was strong, but it was natural. This was not the body of a gym resident. He came to his physique honestly. That made him all the more tasty. She raised her face to his torso and kissed it. She kissed it everywhere she could reach. His shoulders, his arms, his neck, his pecs.


Oh, her mouth felt good. Her lips were soft and hungry. She did this thing where she flicked her tongue over his skin as she kissed it. It made him groan. Her mouth was sweet and she used it well. He slowed even more, immersing himself in the feel.


The small noises he was making in response to her kisses were so satisfying. Telling her he was loving this as much as she was. It wasn’t just about his dick. He was into the whole coupling thing. She took a break and lay back. Stretching underneath him, she raised her arms and looked down through her breasts, between their two bodies, watching his hips roll and feeling it at the same time. Damn, it was sexy.


He couldn’t help it. The way she was watching him fuck her was awesome. He broke out in a big grin as he thought about it, which she noticed! Her reaction was to bite her lip and smile back, and her reward for that was a particularly deep thrust, then a super slow retreat, which got him exactly what he had hoped for.


She arched up with the pleasure of his last thrust, closed her eyes and let out a long sigh. Oh, he could move. Before she could open her eyes again, she felt his mouth on her. Tit for tat. Or simply, tit, because that’s where his mouth was. Full mouth. Lips, tongue, sucking, feeding on her.


Her tits were beautiful and when her torso bowed up like that, they were in the perfect position to reach them. He wasn’t trying to tease them or play with them. He was past that. His immersion in her body was complete. He covered them with his mouth and then worked his way up her collar bone to her neck and face. He kissed her deeply, lowering his weight onto her as he did. He wanted to get close. He wanted all of his skin touching all of hers.


She responded to the kiss, meeting its depth and wrapping herself around him. Her arms encircled his neck and her legs came up to wrap around his hips. Connected like this, she paused and reveled in the feel of his pumping into her. Deep. Slow. Intense. Then, “my turn,” she thought. She dropped a leg and tilted her hips sideways.


He read her cue. Wrapping his arms around her; one at her back, the other on her ass, he rolled and brought her up on top of him. That was hot. He couldn’t help but chuckle with both pride and total physical enjoyment as she got her balance on top of him. Her face was covered by her hair and her tits jiggled. He steadied her as she found her balance and slid all the way down his cock. Her hands were on his chest and she was breathing hard.


Was he laughing at her? No. He was into this. “Ok, then,” she thought, “here we go.” She flipped her hair and gave him a challenging look. She playfully dug her nails into his chest, making him flinch, and began to move. She understood as well as he did how to roll her hips, and the smirk soon left his face in exchange for a look of tense pleasure. This wasn’t going to last much longer, but that was cool. She was ready to come and she really wanted to see what he looked like when he did.


On top, she rode him as well as he had been riding her. Her thighs were tight around his hips. Her ass rubbed softly against his thighs and he got to fondle those lovely tits. It was a winning combination and he knew he was gonna come soon. He could see she wasn’t far behind. Now that she was in control, she could move exactly the way she needed to and that aroused him almost as much as the actual friction between them. He tensed his ass to counter her rolls and soon felt her begin to clench around his shaft. Oh, that was good! When she began to moan, it triggered him. He gripped her thighs and thrust up into her, driving hard, with the need they had both felt at the beginning of their encounter.


Together, they came. It was hard and loud. She dug her fingers into his chest. He dug his into her thighs and they both held on as their bodies took over, convulsing and washing them in cascades of pleasure.

When their orgasms at last subsided, she leaned back against his bent legs and pushed her sweaty hair out of her face. “It’s about fucking time.”