This was not a kiss of permission. It was a kiss of confirmation. They had gotten this far. He was between her legs. She was sitting on the counter. Their clothes were still on but that was a barrier easily surmounted. She was leaning just slightly back, balancing herself on her hands. His hands were on the counter next to her hips. Their bodies were touching, but they were not actively touching each other. They were close. The air was close. He knew she wanted him, but the real question was, would she actually go through with it. Would she bolt, or would she have him. It was up to her. He didn’t want to back off, but he would if he had to. He studied her face, her eyes, reading her expression. Everything about her said she wanted a little push, wanted him to help her make this decision. He leaned in closer, past the point where he could focus on her whole face. So focused on her eyes. They darted back and forth between his. Anticipatory tension showed, not fear. Keeping that eye contact, he opened his mouth and took hers. As his mouth covered hers, those eyes closed. Her lips and tongue worked his as eagerly as he had hoped. His sigh contained both relief and hunger. Her arms went around his neck and his fingers went into her panties.