Romance needs food. If a romance is not fed, its fire fades and fades until it finally burns out. I have learned this over time, and it has caused me much heartache and sadness. I have a lover who also knows this. Because of this hard-earned knowledge, we have developed a secret weapon of sorts. A match, some tinder to keep our passionate fire burning. It is our 10 seconds.

10 seconds.

Whenever we have been apart and we meet again, we have 10 seconds. Whenever we have been sleeping and we wake, we have 10 seconds. It is amazing what you can do with 10 seconds. The ways to fill that span of time are endless, and the possibilities fuel our creativity.

The one rule is: the 10 seconds are filled with him and me and touch. There is no outside world. There are no discussions. Just him. Just me. Just touching.

It started with kisses. We would meet at the end of the day and the first thing we would do would be to kiss. We would share a 10 second kiss. At first it was strange, even comical. It made us giggle. To stand and kiss for 10 seconds. We had to think about it. We had to think about relaxing into it. We had to count in our heads. It was hard. But, quickly, we discovered its magic. We stopped counting and just started kissing. The seconds passed more quickly. 10 seconds became 20. A simple kiss led to gentle sweet touches. A simple kiss of the lips turned into a deeper more probing kiss. Touches would often be followed by embraces. Then, the world was forgotten. Whatever was so important and had to be taken care of before anything else was quickly wiped away because, well, 10 seconds wasn’t that long. It was just enough time to forget. Forget everything except each other.

Fire was kindled. Fires began to build. Fires were sustained.

Now I find myself thinking about our 10 seconds. I find myself looking forward to our 10 seconds. I want what those 10 seconds will lead to. Now, I think of different ways to spend those 10 seconds. Now, I look forward to where those 10 seconds will go.

How many ways can you fill 10 seconds? A 10 second kiss, yes, but what else? A 10 second kiss with a hand on a bottom, kneading flesh, pulling a body closer. That is a difficult 10 seconds to walk away from. But the walking away is part of the fun. A 10 second kiss with a hand on a breast, kneading flesh, squeezing a nipple. That is a 10 seconds that begs for more. A 10 second kiss with fingers between legs, searching out hidden flesh and warm dark places. That is a 10 seconds that cries out to be released. And it is. Not immediately. But it is. That is the best part. 10 seconds turns into more. 10 seconds lasts all day. Not in reality, but in my mind. In his mind. In our minds. In our bodies. My body cannot forget the 10 seconds of contact. The 10 seconds of caresses. The 10 seconds of foreplay. My body quietly smolders all day.

Sometimes the 10 seconds happen in our home. Sometimes the 10 seconds are secret trysts, hidden behind doors in public places. That is the other rule. The 10 seconds happen every time we reunite. This makes us creative. Sometimes we can be passionate, sometimes we have to be reserved. Do we hide and express our passion, or do we pretend we are chaste and proper? It is a game that only we are party to. That is also part of the fun.

10 seconds. When we do come together, in the privacy of our own bed, the 10 seconds explode. Then we no longer have to think. We can simply be. We can be hands and mouths and bodies. We can be fire. The smolder quickly ignites and the release and relief are heaven.

10 seconds.


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