It is late. Really late. I want to go to him. He is not far away, just in the next room.

I hesitate for a moment. He certainly won’t reject me, but will he be what I want him to be, tonight? Will he understand my need?

I need to feel controlled. Not in a negative, domineering way. I feel out of control and I need someone outside of me, him, to curb that feeling.

I want to go to him, but I want him to lead the way. I want to crawl into the bed next to him, slide in under the covers and leave the rest up to him. I want to submit to him. I want him to make me feel as though I have no responsibilities. I want his body to think for both of us.

I want him, in that haze of sleep, to follow his most basic instincts. I want him to roll over, reach out his arm and pull me toward him. No talking, just bodies. I want his hand to find its way from my waist down to my ass. I want him to pull my hips toward his. I want to feel his kiss and I want to feel his hands explore my skin, finding their way to wakefulness and arousal. I want to feel his erection grow against my belly and I want him to follow its lead. I have brought my body to give to him. I want him to take it. I want him to roll on top of me and nestle in between my legs. I want him to kiss my mouth and neck and breasts. I want him to run his hands down my body. I want to feel his hands. I want my skin to be caressed by his strong, purposeful hands. I want to feel his fingers running over my thighs, then between my legs and up to my waiting cleft. I want to feel them tantalize me and make me ready. I want to feel them penetrate my body as his tongue penetrates my mouth. I want to feel my body arch against him as his pushes down onto mine. I want to feel his body. I want to feel how much larger and stronger than me he is. I want him to be in control. I want to feel the tip of his cock press against my slick opening. I want to feel his thickness, his warmth and his stiffness as he slides into me. I want him to fill me. I want to feel his muscles work as he thrusts into me. I want to wrap my legs and arms around him as he takes pleasure in me and I want to ride that submission into my own ecstasy.

I want to go to him.

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