Sometimes, the touch of a lover’s body is sweet enough.

He brought me to orgasm, using his hand and his mouth, and it was blissful. Now, my body is relaxed and languid. My muscles have eased and are warm and pliant.

It is his turn.

I lie on my back. My sex is wet. Lovely and slick.

My body has sunk deep into the blanket. My legs are open. He comes over me. His hands are gentle and purposeful and loving. His mouth is warm and wet. His kisses tell me how pleased he is with himself.

He should be.

I am.

He kisses my breasts. My neck. My mouth.

His body is comfortably heavy on mine. Our skins feel wonderful together.

He settles between my legs and reaches down for one more feel, smiling at his work before he guides his cock inside me.

It is his turn.

I wrap my arms and legs around him as he begins to move. His breathing intensifies and he kisses my mouth, taking my breath as well. I curl my fingers into his hair and hold his head, kissing him back, exploring his mouth with my tongue in the way I know he loves.

He moves. His hips rock up and down. Back and forth.

He is taking his pleasure of my body, and my body finds pleasure in that.

The sounds of his intensified breathing and his slight moans make my body respond, wanting to envelop him even more fully.  I bury my face in his neck, kissing the skin there, and let my hands explore his arms and back and buttocks….wherever they can reach. His mouth is next to my ear and I can hear all of his pleasure as clearly as I can feel it.

He groans but he takes his time, slowing down to make it last longer. He pulls almost all the way out of me and pauses, breathing purposefully, controlling his body. Then, he pushes in to me again. Long, slow, thrusts. In. Out. Smooth. Steady. Stimulating. So stimulating! My hips respond, rolling up and down to meet his thrusts. The sensations of skin on skin and sweat-slick friction cover me.

It is his turn, and it feels wonderful.

His body stiffens and his movements increase in speed as he finds his way, building towards climax. He takes his weight onto his arms and lifts up his chest. Shorter, harder strokes now. He grunts with his own effort and his face makes that expression that is so him. I can read his pleasure. I can see exactly what he is feeling and I love it. Holding my hips up at that perfect angle for his entry, I finish his strokes with firm pushes of my own.

This is right. This is good. Our bodies know each other. It is his turn and I am happy for him to have it.

He cries out as he reaches orgasm and I can feel him pulsing, deep and hard, spilling his pleasure inside me.

Then, those last few shuddering strokes, those last few groans as his pleasure subsides and his body releases the tension of his orgasm.

He breathes out and settles onto me, kissing my neck. I stroke his arm. His weight on me is heavy and perfect.

Have you ever met someone whom you just could not resist? He was like that for me. I was like that for him. We couldn’t help it. It was a simple matter of chemistry. Him + Me + same space = sex. It was like that from the day we met.

My best friend warned me. He said, “You can’t meet Irving.” I asked, “Why?” “Because you will have sex with him.” “What?! You are just jealous.” “No. I know you and I know him. You, two, will have sex.”

Was I that promiscuous? Was I that desperate? Was he that hot? Nope. Chemistry.

He was not striking. Neither was I. Nice looking, but not remarkable. Not hot. I liked him. He liked me. But that wasn’t the particular attraction. He was fun, considerate, even romantic sometimes, but that didn’t make much of a difference, either. We simply had to touch each other. We had to mate. Ha! That makes it sounds so primitive. So animalistic. But, it was. It was instinctual, unexplainable. It was like something out of a fantasy graphic novel.

We had never laid eyes on each other. It wasn’t even a set up. We were living in the same town and I walked into the right room. It was like a lodestone was turned on. I could feel him there, this presence that I had no choice but to move towards. I looked around, searching for the source, and we saw each other. I think he was as surprised as I was.

“Hi.” “Hi.”

“You are Rusty’s friend.” “Yes.”

“small talk….chit, chat, chit, chat….”

None of it mattered. It was crazy. Neither of us was particularly horny. Neither of us was trying to score. There was just no question of where this was going. We were having sex.

“Do you want to go for a walk?” “Yes.”

It was springtime and warm. There was a park nearby. It was big and open and empty. I used to go down there to just sit and enjoy the evening. It was a peaceful place to go. There was a natural staircase that led to the water’s edge where a grandfather Oak stood. The trees and undergrowth there gave some semblance of privacy. We walked down. On the way, we instinctively grasped hands. My God! The minute we touched, we both knew there was no stopping things.

In one smooth motion he put his hand on my waist and I turned to put my back against the tree. He leaned forward against me. As our bodies touched, our hands parted and began to explore. Mine were behind his head, in his hair, drawing his face in to me for a kiss that melted us into one. His were both on my waist, then one behind my back, one on my ass, pulling me toward him, pressing himself against me.

There was no groping urgency. It was strangely calm. Our bodies were going to be one. There was no question, so there was no hurry, But, hell…why wait.

His kisses were firm and strong. Experienced and clear in their intent. Mine responded in kind. As I kissed him, I lifted myself towards him, pushing my breasts against his chest, pushing my waist against his stomach, pushing my hips against his hips. As his hips responded, I could feel his erection growing through the fabric of our clothes.

As he kissed my neck, I breathed in the scent of his hair. No cologne. Just the fresh scent of this man. His natural scent set my body on fire. If ever there was proof of pheromones, we were it. Every nerve in my body came to life and I gasped with the jolt. I heard him breathe in as well. Then he moaned and, as he took in my scent, pushed against me even more.

I looked up at the sky and saw the full moon above us. Apropos. It made me giggle. “What?” “It’s a full moon.” I felt him smile into my neck, then bite me playfully. I returned the favor, pulling his shirt up out of his jeans and scoring his back with my fingernails. He drew in his breath and hissed with pleasure.

Then, his hands were on my hips, reaching down for the hem of my dress, pulling it up over my thighs. I began to breathe harder. Now this was getting real. His fingers found their way between my legs and into my panties. He didn’t try and pull them down, just moved them aside, sliding his fingers straight into the warmth and wet, there. I angled my hips to give him better access.

I leaned back from him slightly, breaking our kiss, and reached for the waist of his jeans, working his fly open. Our heads remained close together, both of us smiling through our heavy breathing. I reached into his pants and put my hand around his cock. The feel of the smooth skin of his penis was wonderful. I massaged it with rippling squeezes as I brought it out, pushing his pants down just enough to set it free. He sighed under the motion of my hand, rocking towards me. He pushed his fingers deeper inside me while kissing me deeply once more before withdrawing his hand.

Then, he grabbed my thigh, lifted my leg up and bent his knees. I put my arms around his neck as he positioned himself between my thighs, and in one smooth motion, angled his cock up and inside of me. The natural weight of my body brought me down around him, burying his sex fully within mine. We were as close as we could be and it was amazing.

We stood there for a few moments, feeling the absolute perfect bliss of our union. Nothing had ever felt more right. More satisfying. Then he began to move. His hands were firmly on my thighs, holding me up, taking my weight, freeing his hips to thrust forward and back. Up and in. My leg was wrapped around his waist, pulling my pelvis closer to his, matching his movements as best I could, considering my upright position. But it was enough. The upright angles of our movements applied just the right amount of friction to my clit, massaging it with his skin, tickling it with his pubic hair. We had given up kissing. This was about our bodies. He looked at me with amusement and joy, and I smiled as well, letting out a delicious laugh at the sheer carnality of our actions, and then I gasped.

A burning began to grown in my loins, fueled with every thrust of his cock. His posture changed, too, and I knew he felt the same thing. We leaned in closer to one another, using each other for support as the waves of sexual pleasure began to wash over our bodies. The tingling sensation grew and spread to every nerve in my body. I sighed as he thrust into me and moaned as he withdrew, each movement eliciting a different and perfectly erotic sensation. He moaned too, matching my cries until at last, rippling orgasms overtook both of us. He stiffened against me, thick and thrust inside me up to the hilt, pulsing. I pushed against him, feeling the muscles inside of my body squeezing and massaging his cock with a strength I didn’t realize they had.

We stood there for a long time, not moving. Panting softly. Breathing and returning to our senses. He sagged into me, pushing me up against the tree. My feet touched the ground and I locked my arms around him so that we would not fall.

Softly. We found our voices. “Thank you.” “My pleasure.” “Will I see you again?” “I think so.”



Here is a fantasy. Put yourself into it. Become the subject, the “I”. See if you like it:


My sex. In the open and open. The sky is warm. The air is warm. There is just a hint of a breeze.

A hand. Two fingers. One on each side of my lips. They press down firmly and squeeze gently. Just enough that my lips plump up and flush slightly. I pulse. Moisture comes.

Another finger. This ones dips just slightly into the warm fluid appearing at the opening to my body. A lovely lubricant. Wet, now, the finger gently spreads the moisture over my plump lips, sliding deliciously, teasing sensations to life. My clitoris responds, hardening under the slick touch.

Then, a tongue. Teasing. Flicking gently. Tasting.

A mouth. Two different sorts of lips join the fun. They cover my clitoris with their warmth and suck. Gently at first, then more purposefully. My sex erupts in a wave of tingling sensations. The circumference of my sexual entrance awakens and pulses.

Noticing, the tongue accepts the invitation and slides inside me. Discovering the depths within. My buttocks tighten and my hips move to get more of that lovely feeling. The tongue inside me. Moving soft and warm and slick and pliable. Those lips, continuing to suck.

The sensations build.

Then, the fingers reappear. The tongue has work to do on the outside. Tasting, licking, flicking, tickling, caressing. They take its place inside of me. First one, then two. Moving in and out. Pressing against my contracting muscles. Searching for that knot of nerves that brings so much pleasure.

The combination of sensations converge to bring me to beautiful orgasm and release. The waves of pleasure wash over me and I breathe.

My own hand, then, moves to that warm place between my legs where the pulsing is subsiding, and I smile. Satiated.

It is warm and sunny. I am lying in the open, my body naked under the lovely warmth. The world around me is open and my most intimate parts are too. My legs are comfortably spread and my sex is exposed to everything. I can feel the hint of a breeze touch my skin. My nipples contract and my skin comes alive. The sensation travels down my body, waking my senses.

My sex responds to the tickling sensation of the wind in my pubic hair. It is freeing to be lying here like this, naked under the naked sky. Natural and open as nature made me. I can hear the sounds of the world around me. Not human sounds, natural sounds. The trees, the grass, the leaves, the birds. Simple, easy sounds. Relaxing sounds.

I concentrate of the feel of my skin. It takes a moment for me to relax into the situation. I am naked. There are no walls around me. My sex responds to the thought. A pulse. A warming. A moistening. My skin prickles and I have to move, readjusting myself. I lick my lips. I draw my knees up a little more and reach down to open the folds of my sex. I like the feel of the open air. Just there. On that skin that it rarely touches. I run my hand over those sweet-feeling places. Just enough to remember how alive they are and how much they like attention of many kinds.

I let my knees fall all the way open and stretch my arms above my head, arching my back and stretching my skin, eyes closed, loving the feel of my naked body. My hands go to my breasts, caressing them, lifting them, fondling them. I play with my nipples, running them through the spaces in between my fingers. Rubbing them gently against the palms of my hands. They respond and the response makes me smile.

I slowly roll over and let the sky caress the back of my body. I shake my head, enjoying the feel of my hair against my naked skin, warm from the sunlight, moved every now and then by the air. I lie heavily upon the ground, letting my warm skin soak up the cool of the earth underneath me. It is a new and awakening experience. The tickle of the grass on my breasts. The cool ground kissing my nipples, my belly, my thighs. As I let the sun warm my back, I lift up my hips, enjoying the feel of the sun on my buttocks and the backs of my thighs, feeling the air kiss their skin, too.

As I do, I can feel that air on my sex again. This time it is different, as my legs are pressed together. The folds of my sex are squeezed sweetly, pressing out from underneath my buttocks and between my legs, like a pair of lips looking for a kiss. The hint of wind obliges.

Feeling my body respond more strongly to the wind’s kiss, and not wanting to waste such affection, I reach down and begin my own caress.