He asked her to let him eat food off of her body and she laughed. The sheer cliché of it made her giggle and start to refuse. But he persisted. Wanting to please her lover, and figuring some foreplay was better than none, she acquiesced. New games were always fun.

He got the shaker of powdered sugar from the pantry, took her hand, and led her to the living room.

Standing there, he lifted her arm and, looking her in the eye, he sprinkled a light dusting of sugar on her wrist. Then, he tasted it. The sensation surprised her. Startled, she looked at him. He met her gaze and the corner of his mouth moved just slightly.

He let go of her wrist. Gently, he undressed her and tossed her clothes into the corner. Smiling a quirky and enticingly knowing smile, he kissed and guided her to the floor.

When she was lying down, he knelt beside her and picked up the jar. He touched her breast, smiled at her again and sprinkled sugar on it. When he put his mouth over her nipple and began to taste the sugar away, she gasped. It was like no sensation she had ever experienced. It was nothing like she expected. This was not licking. It was not kissing. It was eating. Not in a chewing sort of way, but in a full-mouthed, hungry and gently devouring way.

There was something about the action of his mouth tasting and consuming real food. He had kissed her body before, but this was different. The presence of the sugar made it different, and feeling that on her body took her totally by surprise. His lips covering the decorated area. His tongue, attracted to the sweetness it found there. The combination of that action with his mouth’s natural production of saliva and the need to swallow something pleasant could not be faked. He was enjoying this as much as she was. He was consuming the sugar on her skin, as well as the natural taste of her.

He sprinkled more of the sugar. This time on her stomach, working his way down her body. As his mouth left one area, his hands found it, continuing his work of arousing her. When he came to the fork in her body where her legs met her sex, he parted them and sprinkled the soft white powder on her inner thighs. Having him eat the sugar from that sensitive area, having his lips and tongue work tantalizingly on her flesh, there, was its own level of sweet. His tongue explored the creases in her flesh, his lips pressing into it, making sure there was no powder left.

Then, as he knelt between her thighs, he looked up at her. Her face was flushed with the pleasure evoked from his ministrations. His was intense with the pleasure that comes from pleasing a lover. He did not sugar her sex. That needed no sweetness. He simply bent to his feast and began…