It is still early. I am not quite awake. I am deep in my blankets and my lover lies beside me. The bed feels full and warm. Encompassing. I know that he is awake, but lying still out of consideration for me. Lazily, I send out my hand, fumbling slowly within the blankets to find him. When I do touch him, his flesh is warm. His answer to my touch is to move closer. He moves slowly, but with purpose. He answers my touch with a deep kiss. His lips are full and soft and determined in the mellow waking of the day. His tongue fills my mouth and I have no choice but to answer his kiss or be uncomfortably overtaken by it. I answer willingly. He pulls himself toward me. The bed and blankets around me are like a cocoon and his body becomes a part of that embrace. He continues his kiss. Purposeful in his tasting. His arms come around me, strong and thick, themselves. His hands on my skin are firm. The only clothes impeding his movements are the bedclothes. I like sleeping in my own skin, exposing it to the touch of my blankets. Now my skin is exposed to his. His hands move over it, waking it. Then, he is on top of me, coming into position in a rolling way that allows our moving bodies to retain the snugness of the well-slept in bed. Our arms are wrapped around each other. Mine, around his shoulders and back. His under my shoulders, with his hands cupping my head, better to force his kisses upon my yielding mouth. Then, he is in between my legs, and then, he is inside me. We are deep in our bed and it is clear that his intention is to be deep inside me. There is no need for preamble. I am ready, startled by and deliciously accepting of this morning advance. We are close. There is no gap between our bodies. He is heavy on top of me and I am wrapped around him. Our coupling does not last long, but it does not need to. It is complete in its fullness. Two bodies thick with morning and sleep, made one in warmth and intensity. As our bodies respond to the movement and stimulation, they thicken as well. I can feel his penis becoming harder and more engorged as he moves inside of me. His breath thickens, his face buried against my neck. I can feel the muscles of my vagina thicken to squeeze him tighter, and my legs do the same. My clitoris responds, engorging and hardening in its own way as his body rubs against it. As we climax, our bodies stiffen and tighten, the solidity of our embrace reflecting the intensity of the orgasm we experience as we cry out together and greet the day.

I have a new lover.

It is a beginning. The beginning of a relationship is such an exciting time. Everything is new. Everything is unexplored. Everything is a surprise. It is so with us.

Just thinking about our time together ignites all my senses and blocks out the rest of the world.

My mind is full of questions and anticipations. Anticipation is such a powerful aphrodisiac, and I am in a constant state of anticipation. I am surprised I have not lit everyone around me on fire. That is how sensually charged I feel.

Think of the last time you had a new lover….

Can I just reach out and touch, or should I ask permission?

What will he smell like when I get close enough to really inhale his scent? I love the smell of a man. Forget colognes or soaps. I want to smell skin. What will his passion smell like? His patience? His ecstasy?

What will his voice sound like when we are so close that the softest of whispers will reach my ears? What will he say to me when we are that close? Will I be capable of responding with words, or will my body take over?

Once, he asked me if he could kiss me. No one had ever asked me that before. That simple question sealed the deal. Yes.

What will his kiss feel like? Taste like? There are kisses and then there are kisses. There are kisses that occur in the light, and then there are kisses that happen in the dark. Kisses that lead to…

What will he look like when his body is bare before me? What intimate details have his clothes hidden? How vulnerable will I feel when I am exposed before him? What will it feel like to have his eyes upon me? Just thinking about those new eyes on me makes me blush and tingle and smile.

What will his skin feel like? Soft or firm? Smooth or rough? Cool or warm? What will his hands feel like on my skin? Light or heavy? Gentle or demanding? Shy or certain?

Time to go. He is here…