Occupational Benefits

“I have an idea for some stories. I think I might want to be a writer.”

“That’s cool. What do you want to write about?”

“I am not 100% sure yet. But, if so many people are making their livings from blogs and twitter and all that other social media opinion crap that they spout, why not me too? And then there is that Kindle self-publishing stuff. I thought I might give it a try. I am sure I could write a book. Anyway, I won’t know unless I try. It probably wouldn’t be anything to interest you, but hey, there are other women in the world. Maybe they would like my thoughts, my musings. I mean, I wrote enough essays at college. I can string sentences together properly.”

“Well, I say go for it. Let me know when you get 5 stars on that book review website and we can go out and celebrate.”

That had been weeks ago. Then one day, when I was at the computer clearing the desktop of the detritus of a million downloads and internet searches, I found her manuscript. That was when it all made sense; when I learned her secret. I had no idea what was in the file. It was simply labelled “Red”. I opened it and started scanning the text to see if it was worth keeping. I could not close it.

“Her hair fell…his tongue…that undeniable scent…”

I sat there at the computer, reading…“the slide of his fingers”…and reading…“her mouth opened”, then reading some more…“follow me”. Time raced by and only when I heard the front door open, her call of greeting coming up the stairs, did I come out of my hypnotic state.

“Oh, shit!” I fumbled with the mouse, closing the file as quickly as I could.

I figured she had started a blog about wine tasting or growing herb gardens; something that was in line with one of her hobbies. This was a book of stories and it was not about anything she would post to a chat room. I had been so wrong…or had I? A new hobby? If this was her choice, it was a worthwhile one. In my humble, male, opinion.

At dinner that night and as we lay in bed that evening, I was on a different planet. My mind had not left our office. It was sitting there unmoving,…“like that”…looking at that screen…“please, now”, lost in those words…“she rolled over”… Her actual movements distracted me from her words. She had gotten up and was reaching for her robe.

“Where are you going?”

“I can’t sleep. I have this idea bouncing around in my head. I want to go and get it down on paper. I’ll be a while. Don’t wait up.” I wanted to stop her, to ask her about the manuscript, but she was already moving towards the door. She paused and looked back at me, then returned to give me a kiss. It was a good kiss. Full lips with just a little tongue. It was tantalizing. I started to reach for her, to tell her to stay and kiss me some more, but my hands grabbed air. She was out of reach, then gone.  

As she sat clicking away on the keyboard on the other side of the wall, I sat thinking and, little by little the connection came clear. After that first conversation she had started writing. That same evening, in fact. And, I remembered waking up several nights in a row to find that she wasn’t in bed with me. I would get up to go to the bathroom and see the light on in the office, hear the quick sounds of her fingers moving across that electronic alphabet. That was also when our sex life started to improve.

We had always been compatible in bed. One evening, over a game of Cards Against Humanity and a few bottles of beer, she boasted to our friends that I was the best lover she had had. Thanks for the props, babe! But we weren’t one of those hot couples, primed for each other all day long. That was the sort of thing you found in books. We were real and that was fine. That was good.

Yeah…the sort of thing you found in books. I was having one of those ‘wake-up’ moments, like when you meet your teacher in the frozen food section. Someone had to write those books. Now I knew someone who was writing those books. Every occupation has its perks, it’s fringe benefits. I was beginning to understand the benefits of this one.

I had always thought she was the sexiest thing on the planet. She was a woman with curves and softness in all the right places, perfect for squeezing and kissing. She, being a modern American woman, hated her body. She was always trying this or that diet, jumping onto the scale, checking the mirror with an unsatisfied look. There was nothing I could do about it. At times I tried to convince her that her body was amazing and lusciously sexy, but nothing ever changed, so I just simply kept on letting her know how much I liked it.

She had always seemed to like my body. If I reached for her, she responded. She was eager enough to use her hands and mouth on me. I always got the birthday blowjob and even a few in between. Sex was regular, but it ebbed and flowed with life. Some weeks were better than others, but when we did get together, we had fun. She always came. I always came. Win-win!

After she started writing…well…maybe that made something shift for her. Because looking back, checking details, yeah, that was definitely when things started to improve.

I thought about one night in particular. I had written it off as a fluke. But sitting there listening to her fingers work their magic in the other room, it made sense. We had gone to bed. At some point, I had noticed that she was gone. I was tired, so I rolled over and went back to sleep. The next thing I knew, there was a warm body pressed up against my back and a very cold hand in my shorts. The shock woke me.

“What are you doing?” I was groggy, thrown off by the sudden change in temperature of that oh-so-sensitive region and the fact that a wake-up call like this had never happened before.

“Do you want me to stop?” Her voice was different, too. Throaty, inviting.

“Um…I guess not…you feelin’ frisky?”

“Mmmmm…maybe. Do you mind?”

She had to ask?! “Uh…no. Not a bit.” Like I was gonna refuse. I had to work the next morning, but this was definitely worth losing a little sleep. I rolled onto my back and let her have her way, eager to see where she would take this. Her hand warmed up delightfully as she stroked me into an iron hard-on. It didn’t take much before she mounted me. Man, we fucked like teenagers that night, both amped up on the adrenaline of our new power exchange.

The sex just got better from there. More and more she was able to tell me what she wanted. I didn’t have to be the instigator all the time. She was coming to me. She was controlling her pleasure. It was amazingly sexy. And there were smaller, subtle changes, too. If she knew I was looking when she got out of the shower, she would angle her body just right, so that I would catch glimpses of her sweet sex as she toweled off. She started getting dressed in the bedroom, instead of in the walk-in closet. She brushed her teeth with her top off, only panties on below. She was letting me see her body, casually, for the first time in our relationship. It was fantastic, and turning me into a walking erection.

I did not wait up for her. I drifted off to sleep, lost in fantasies of her making, smiling at the fact that she had no idea I was right with her.

The day after I found the manuscript, she texted me out of the blue, “I think I am going to sleep naked from now on.” That’s it. In the middle of my work day. THAT was the text I got. No surprise that I was in bed early that night! I had to wait for her. Click clack, clickety clack. I was twitching, but she did not disappoint. When she came to bed, she shed her clothes and slipped under the sheets next to me, smooth and smelling of…creativity.

We were making out, hiding out in our little cave, under the warm blankets. “Kiss my back,” she said to me, rolling away from our embrace. “Ok.” You know I rained kisses all over her skin. Sweet and slow, tasting every inch of her from nape to small. She moaned. “That feels so good. I just want more.”



She didn’t have to tell me twice. I covered her with my body, claiming her with my full weight, and she ground against me, that hip movement telling me exactly what she thought of my technique. Her confidence was intoxicating. Having her tell me what to do to her was turning me primal.

“More what? Give me details, baby! Bring those stories into our bed.”


Oh shit… “What do you mean, what?”

“You told me to ‘bring those stories into our bed’.”

“I did?”

“Yes. What did you mean?”

“Nothing.” I had to back-pedal fast. “I just meant that if you have ideas for stuff we should try, you should tell me. You know, like a story, or a fantasy. Tell me what you want.”


Please don’t stop now! I started kissing her body again, hoping like hell to distract her back into the moment.

“Yeah. Ok. I understand.”

Fuck, that was close. I had no idea if she actually bought my bumbling explanation. I sure hoped I sounded convincing.

“You’re ok with that? I mean, you’re not turned off by me taking control like this?”

My relief came out of me in a breathless chuckle. “No Babe, I don’t mind. In fact, I like it a lot.” I could feel her smile run all over her body. This was definitely behavior I wanted to encourage. “Throw something my way and I will run with it.” That got another moan from her…then a responding one from me.

“Ok,” her pause was heavy with her thoughts and my anticipation. “I want you to kiss me on my ass and then eat me out from behind.” She buried her face in the pillow she was lying on and, fuck yeah, I just about sailed across the room from the kick that my rock hard dick gave. Later, I would have to find a way to get her to tell me what was inspiring her ideas. If we could incorporate that into our sex life…ohhhh. For now…the sound that came from deep in my chest was new to me. A deep, possessive, hungry sound. I bit her on the nape of her neck and “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that. It is just…holy shit…you have never spoken to me this way before.” Then, from inside her pillow, she giggled. Giggled!! I guess I didn’t hurt her after all.

I turned that growl of mine into my sexiest voice and “Oh yeah? Be careful what you ask for.” With that, I grabbed her by the hips, lifted her ass in the air and shoved a pillow under her perfect pelvis. With those two lovely cheeks in my face, I went to town. I covered her buttocks with kisses. Some quick and some slow. Some just on the surface, and others where I buried my face into those pliable muscles and enjoyed losing myself. When I was done, I sat back and took in the view. I massaged her ass, reveling in the sight of the lips of her pussy moving as I touched her.

“Is this what you wanted?”



Then I lowered my face and tasted her. She was so wet. So excited in our little game.

I had never made her come this way before. In all our sex life, she had only ever come during actual intercourse, on my dick, never with my mouth. So, when she started to really moan, I was over the moon, and on a mission. I wanted to know what she tasted like, felt like as she came. I wanted to feel her pussy move under my tongue and clench around my fingers. I wanted to know what her juices tasted like during her pleasure, not just before.

I was well rewarded for my work.

She came hard and long. When she finished, she said, “Now fuck me.”

No need for a verbal response. I was on her, entering her from behind, covering her with my body, pinning her down with my weight and moving fast. Man, it was hot! She moved back against me, matching my thrusts with her own. It didn’t take me long to come. I was wound so tight from the new experience she was giving me. And when I did, she came too, again! I felt like a god!

When it was over, we lay there for a long time. Me, curled up behind her, massaging her breasts and slowly, gradually, growing soft inside of her. Her still and sated.

“Babe?” There was uncertainty in her voice.


“Is there anything you wouldn’t do to me if I asked for it?”

Her question froze me. Who was this woman in my bed? I didn’t care, as long as she never, ever left! “Uh…I can’t think of anything.” Wasn’t that the truth!

“Good.” The word came out soft and sweet, muffled in the dark, but clear to my ears.

“Do you want more? I mean, it might take me a few minutes, but I am game. What do you want me to do?” I felt like I had just been handed the Holy Grail.

“No. Not right now. I don’t know yet. There are so many possibilities…”

My grin turned Cheshire and stayed firmly in place as I fell asleep.

Later on, reliving that night, I wondered if it filled her thoughts, too, as she was writing next door. If her writing fueled her sexual curiosity and playfulness, did the sex we were having fuel her writing? The thought made me smile, nod and want to pump my arm up in down in a ‘Hell, yeah, I am the man!’ What a perfect self-feeding cycle we had going on here.

I loved our new sexual dynamic and I didn’t want to do anything to upset it, but I was having a hard time letting go of my curiosity. I was also really excited about what she was doing. I wanted to share that with her and let her know I was cool with it, but I didn’t want to spook her. I wondered whether she was ready to share that detail with me yet. So one night I brought it up.

“What kind of book are you writing anyway? Would you let me read it sometime?”

“Oh, it is nothing that I think would interest you. Just girl stuff, really.”

“Oh. Ok.” Disappointed, I let it drop. Clearly she wasn’t ready yet. Alright. This kind of side-stepping I could handle, and I could be patient. She wasn’t lying. It was ‘girl’ stuff she was writing about. Hot girl stuff! Hot girl-boy stuff! And in truth, I wasn’t interested in reading it. But I was interested in her writing it and I was definitely interested in being supportive. Oh hell yeah, I would do anything to keep her moving from me to that keyboard and back again, and I would NEVER reveal that I knew her secret. NEVER!


About fucking time.

“It’s about fucking time!” The words were primal grunts under his breath as he drove into her. They had been circling each other for weeks and finally, tonight, they had come together.


The response she gave him was not much more verbal. It was simply a higher pitched combination of grunts mixed with sighs and moans. Her fingernails told him a lot, too. She had already scratched him and now she was digging her fingers into his hair and pulling his face down to hers like she hadn’t tasted man in years. It was raw and he loved it. He gave as good as he got, answering every violent tug on his body with a stiff pump. His ass and his abs were gonna hurt tomorrow. Sweetest workout he had had in forever.


Shit! He felt amazing. His skin was smooth and the muscles were hard underneath it. She hadn’t even realized until she started to touch him. What did he do to get a body like this? Fuck it! She didn’t care right now. That body was between her legs and she was on fire. It had been a while, but no so long that it should light her up like this. There were serious chemical reactions going on under her skin. This experiment was definitely working.


The encounter moved quickly. Not a lot of foreplay. None was needed. They had been flirting and turning each other on from across the room for long enough. As the sex ramped up, he felt how easily he could come, and realized he didn’t want it to be over that quickly. “Let’s slow it down a little, ok.” He was panting, fighting to get the words out and calm his body at the same time. “Yeah,” she managed to answer. Her lips were right by his ear and he felt her head nod up and down in agreement. He slowed his movements and she relaxed into the gentler rhythm.


Now that things were calming, she had a chance to look at him, to assess this figure undulating over and inside of her. He was strong, but it was natural. This was not the body of a gym resident. He came to his physique honestly. That made him all the more tasty. She raised her face to his torso and kissed it. She kissed it everywhere she could reach. His shoulders, his arms, his neck, his pecs.


Oh, her mouth felt good. Her lips were soft and hungry. She did this thing where she flicked her tongue over his skin as she kissed it. It made him groan. Her mouth was sweet and she used it well. He slowed even more, immersing himself in the feel.


The small noises he was making in response to her kisses were so satisfying. Telling her he was loving this as much as she was. It wasn’t just about his dick. He was into the whole coupling thing. She took a break and lay back. Stretching underneath him, she raised her arms and looked down through her breasts, between their two bodies, watching his hips roll and feeling it at the same time. Damn, it was sexy.


He couldn’t help it. The way she was watching him fuck her was awesome. He broke out in a big grin as he thought about it, which she noticed! Her reaction was to bite her lip and smile back, and her reward for that was a particularly deep thrust, then a super slow retreat, which got him exactly what he had hoped for.


She arched up with the pleasure of his last thrust, closed her eyes and let out a long sigh. Oh, he could move. Before she could open her eyes again, she felt his mouth on her. Tit for tat. Or simply, tit, because that’s where his mouth was. Full mouth. Lips, tongue, sucking, feeding on her.


Her tits were beautiful and when her torso bowed up like that, they were in the perfect position to reach them. He wasn’t trying to tease them or play with them. He was past that. His immersion in her body was complete. He covered them with his mouth and then worked his way up her collar bone to her neck and face. He kissed her deeply, lowering his weight onto her as he did. He wanted to get close. He wanted all of his skin touching all of hers.


She responded to the kiss, meeting its depth and wrapping herself around him. Her arms encircled his neck and her legs came up to wrap around his hips. Connected like this, she paused and reveled in the feel of his pumping into her. Deep. Slow. Intense. Then, “my turn,” she thought. She dropped a leg and tilted her hips sideways.


He read her cue. Wrapping his arms around her; one at her back, the other on her ass, he rolled and brought her up on top of him. That was hot. He couldn’t help but chuckle with both pride and total physical enjoyment as she got her balance on top of him. Her face was covered by her hair and her tits jiggled. He steadied her as she found her balance and slid all the way down his cock. Her hands were on his chest and she was breathing hard.


Was he laughing at her? No. He was into this. “Ok, then,” she thought, “here we go.” She flipped her hair and gave him a challenging look. She playfully dug her nails into his chest, making him flinch, and began to move. She understood as well as he did how to roll her hips, and the smirk soon left his face in exchange for a look of tense pleasure. This wasn’t going to last much longer, but that was cool. She was ready to come and she really wanted to see what he looked like when he did.


On top, she rode him as well as he had been riding her. Her thighs were tight around his hips. Her ass rubbed softly against his thighs and he got to fondle those lovely tits. It was a winning combination and he knew he was gonna come soon. He could see she wasn’t far behind. Now that she was in control, she could move exactly the way she needed to and that aroused him almost as much as the actual friction between them. He tensed his ass to counter her rolls and soon felt her begin to clench around his shaft. Oh, that was good! When she began to moan, it triggered him. He gripped her thighs and thrust up into her, driving hard, with the need they had both felt at the beginning of their encounter.


Together, they came. It was hard and loud. She dug her fingers into his chest. He dug his into her thighs and they both held on as their bodies took over, convulsing and washing them in cascades of pleasure.

When their orgasms at last subsided, she leaned back against his bent legs and pushed her sweaty hair out of her face. “It’s about fucking time.”



This was not a kiss of permission. It was a kiss of confirmation. They had gotten this far. He was between her legs. She was sitting on the counter. Their clothes were still on but that was a barrier easily surmounted. She was leaning just slightly back, balancing herself on her hands. His hands were on the counter next to her hips. Their bodies were touching, but they were not actively touching each other. They were close. The air was close. He knew she wanted him, but the real question was, would she actually go through with it. Would she bolt, or would she have him. It was up to her. He didn’t want to back off, but he would if he had to. He studied her face, her eyes, reading her expression. Everything about her said she wanted a little push, wanted him to help her make this decision. He leaned in closer, past the point where he could focus on her whole face. So focused on her eyes. They darted back and forth between his. Anticipatory tension showed, not fear. Keeping that eye contact, he opened his mouth and took hers. As his mouth covered hers, those eyes closed. Her lips and tongue worked his as eagerly as he had hoped. His sigh contained both relief and hunger. Her arms went around his neck and his fingers went into her panties.

To Dance Together

She was a dancer. He loved dancing. He loved watching it. He loved doing it.

He saw her, for the first time, at a restaurant. He had gone there to eat a meal and there she was, performing. At the sight of her, he was unable to eat his meal. All he could do was watch her.

The stage was tiny, but she did not need much space to move. She could have danced her whole set in three square feet. That was how tight her moves were. Her arms, expressive. Her face, lost in the music. Her waist, supple and slinky. Her hips. Oh, god! Her hips. They swayed and swirled and popped perfectly with the music, sending her skirts out in corresponding ripples.

She was sensuality embodied.

As he sat at his table, eyes fixed on her, breathing deeply, he wanted nothing more than to join her. What would it be like to swirl his hips against hers, to match those organic, serpentine movements with his own? The thought drove him wild. He had seen a lot of dancers. He had danced with a lot of women, but she was different.

The piece she danced to was slow and sultry. A taqsim, they called it. Her eyelids were low, almost closed. Her hair was loose around her face, falling forward as her head swayed with the emotion of the music. Her arms were graceful, reaching out and in, framing her face, her torso, her hips. She used them to great effect. His body responded to hers. Unconsciously, he made small movements with his hips, mimicking hers. His hands moved subtly in his lap, tracing the lines of her body from afar as he followed them with his eyes. As the piece came to an end, she slowed into a resting pose and gradually looked up at her audience.

The room was small, intimate. The lights in the restaurant were low, with brighter ones trained on her, but not so bright that she was blind to the audience. She scanned the clientele, taking in their appreciation. At last, she looked in his direction and saw him. For a moment, she faltered. It was subtle, almost imperceptible, but he saw it. More than that, he felt it, and what was clear to him was that she felt something, too.

She recovered immediately, putting on a beautiful smile and striking a new pose, working her audience as the next song came on. It was a fast one, energetic and lively and she jumped into it with relish. The audience was right with her, clapping and singing. Clearly it was one they knew and expected. He watched her as she began to work the room. Oh. This was her money song. Excellent. She would, eventually, come to him. She made her way around the room, dancing, singing and interacting with the audience. She visited the tables one by one, dancing a little, getting the patrons up to dance with her, then offering her hip or shoulder for them to put money in her costume. She saved his table for last.

She came up to him and offered him her amazing smile. She was breathless and sweating from her exertions, and it made her all the more attractive. He started to get up to dance with her, but she firmly put her hand on his shoulder and shook her head. Her movements were playful, part of the public performance, but her eyes were serious. The look in them was one of desire and wariness all mixed up together. She would dance for his table. He was not to join her. Not here. Not now. He stayed put.

She danced a little next to him and when the song ended she hit the final note with a flourish and a pop, sticking her hip out. He was right there. He put a folded bill into the waistband of her costume. He wanted nothing more than to grab her by those luscious hips and pull her down into his lap. Instead, he barely brushed her skin with his fingertip, feeling a jolt of electricity and pleasure as he did. She flinched, but her intake of breath told him it was from excitement, not repulsion.

So, he was not wrong. He was interpreting her signals correctly. But the set was over, and she disappeared.


When she emerged from the restaurant some time later, he was waiting for her. He waited at a safe distance from the door. He did not want to scare her. The last thing he wanted her to think was that he was a stalker. Yes, he wanted her as much as anything he had ever wanted, but if she did not feel the same way, he was not going to put any pressure on her at all.


She saw him waiting for her and hesitated, unsure of what to do. Women in her profession got stalked all the time. Particularly in parking lots, in the middle of the night, by guys who had watched their sets and gotten the wrong idea. She looked at him critically. This man was different, somehow. She had felt a connection to him, and she was unsure how to proceed.

She carried an alarm with her. It was a small device. A little ring hooked on to the button of her jacket pocket. It was attached to a string which was, in turn, attached to a noise maker she held in her hand. If she gestured largely enough, the string would pull out of the noise maker, setting off a sound of about 120 decibels. Everyone on the block would know she was in trouble and this guy would be deaf. She kept her hand in her pocket as she approached.


As he watched her walk towards him, he was mesmerized. It wasn’t just a stage thing. This was how she moved. Slippery and smooth, like a piece of silk on the wind. God, he wanted to match those movements with his own.

“Hi,” he said.

“Hi,” she replied.

“I have never seen someone quite like you.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment, albeit one I have heard before,” she countered, seriously. But, she did smile.

“I’m not some stalker. I know, I know. They all say that and I am no different. Please. I don’t want to scare you off. I waited for you because I could not do anything else. If you want to simply leave, I won’t follow you or try and keep you here.”

“That’s good to know.”

“What I really want, is to dance with you.”

“Dance with me?” She replied, surprised.

“Yeah. The way you moved. The way you move. It enthralls me. I can’t get enough of it. But, I don’t just want to watch you. You see, I also love to dance. I love to move to music, to feel the underlying currents and become a part of them. I see how the music affects you and how you live in it, through it. I would love to join you in that dance. If you would let me.”


She was taken aback. That certainly was not what she had expected to hear. And the thing that really threw her was that she believed him. All her instincts and crazy radars told her this guy was sincere.

He continued. “I can see by the look in your eyes that I have surprised you. Well, if I am going to prove to you that you can trust me, I have to be honest. So, here is the reality of it. You are the most sensual thing I have ever seen. I am a man and you are an Aphrodite. So, do I want you? Oh yeah. Like crazy. If you would invite me to your bed, I would be there in a heartbeat. But, more than that, right now, what I want to do is dance with you. That would be so much. That would be more than enough.”

Again, she blinked. Then, irrationally she found herself saying, “My studio is just around the corner. Follow me there.”


He did.


When they arrived, she hesitated before getting out of her car. She did not feel any of the usual red flags going up. This guy was attractive. Absolutely. But, she did not believe that was clouding her judgement. She did not feel as though she were in danger. That said, she had a decision to make. Was she willing to have sex with this man? Because, if she opened the door to her studio and let him in, that is where this would lead. Even though he had said he would be content with dancing with her, she needed to get real. It was the middle of the night. He was a guy who had watched her set. Maybe he had not gotten the wrong idea, but he had certainly gotten ideas. She had not managed to protect herself this long by being stupid. If she got out of her car, she had to be willing to take him to bed.

She looked over at his car. He was sitting in it patiently. Waiting for her. There was no pressure coming from him. This was up to her. She had to admit to herself that she was turned on by this situation. To mix her dancing with sex? She didn’t get this opportunity often. How many nights had she left her studio physically exhausted by her exertions, yet fully aroused by her practice and totally unsatisfied. And if this guy really could dance, well, this would be a treat. She made her decision.


He still did not want to spook her, so he made sure to follow her lead. Only when she finally got out of her car, did he get out of his. When she walked to the door of the studio, he hung back until she unlocked the door, opened it, and gestured for him to enter. Only then did he make any move toward her. He went into the studio and she followed him, closing the door behind them.

The studio was like any other. It had a wooden floor, mirrors and bars along the walls, and various dancing accessories stacked in the corners. There were a few plants, as well as other decorations here and there. Mostly, it was just an open space. It was a space that invited movement and experimentation. She put down her bag and proceeded to close the shades. That was a good sign. She had decided to trust him. She had no particular reason to, but she was right to. He meant her no harm. He was captivated by her. He wanted to be close to her body. He wanted to feel it and to adore it. He would take this as far as she would allow it to go and be forever thankful that he got that much. He watched ardently as she went through the mundane movements. He took in every contour of her body as she reached and bent, straightening the shutters.

“Take off your shoes.” She said. He did as he was told and she did the same. She took off her jacket and dropped it on top of her bag. She was dressed in a form fitting top, leggings and a sash. He was in jeans and a tight t-shirt. She looked at him, appraisingly, as he studied her. He thought that he saw approval in her eyes.

She walked to the stereo in the corner and hooked up her iPod. She shuffled through the device, made her choices and pushed play. The music came on. It was heavy and deep. He recognized the artist. Tarkan. One of his favorite Turkish musicians. Solid music. Also totally sexy. She walked out onto the floor. Paused, then began to dance.

They were small movements at first. She looked directly at him as she moved. She was sizing him up just as much as he was her. She was also performing. A private performance, just for him. And in this performance, she was telling him what to do. She used her hands to frame particular parts of her body. She smoothed her hands across her hips….look here. She ran her fingers through her hair….see how it frames my face. She tilted her face down looking from her own hips to his eyes….how do you like this? She turned around watching him over her shoulder as she danced….and what about this view?

He liked it. He liked it a lot. He stood for some time, watching this intimate exhibition, waiting for his invitation to join. After a time, she gave him a look and a gesture that said…so, and you? He took the opening. He was no stranger to dancing and certainly not to the movements of hips. He began to move to the music. His movements were as sensual as hers, but virile, masculine versions. Her answering look told him she approved of and enjoyed what she saw. Good.

She paused and watched him for a while, smiling while he circled her, performing for her and marking her as his territory in this increasingly seductive game. When her eyes began to twinkle and she licked he lower lip with a wicked smile, he knew the moment was right. He made his way towards her, every footstep matching the music. When he was close enough, he reached out his hands and placed them on those luscious, sensual hips. At last! They were exactly as he had imagined: smooth, curvy, pliable, perfect. She responded by putting one of her hands on his shoulder and the other on his muscular chest. As her hand touched him, she breathed in with approval. His shoulder was muscled and strong, as was his pectoral muscle. She caressed it, admiringly, then smiled up at him.


To move in rhythmic tandem with someone is sensuality in motion, and they began to move together, manifesting that sensuality. The melodies told them when to move their feet. The beat of the music told them when to move their hips. The harmonies told them when to move closer together or father apart. They were close in height, so they were well matched on the dance floor. He pulled her hips close against him so that they could move smoothly over the floor. She responded by leaning into him, melding her body with his. The music swept them away.

To merge two bodies into one in a dance is as intimate as sex, and they became immersed in that intimacy. His hands were on her, guiding her, leading her through moves. Hers were on him, anchoring her as she followed his lead. They needed their hands for balance and position, but their dance progressed beyond that simple, practical contact. They relished the feel of each other’s bodies, their hands a conduit for sensual communication. They did not speak. They were movement and breath.

As they cycled through many styles and speeds of dance, they became more and more familiar with each other. Their movements became bodily caresses. His chest was hard and warm against her, her breasts were soft and supple against him. Their touches became more and more intimate and they began taking seductive liberties here and there. His hand on her waist descended to fondle her buttocks. Her hand on his chest moved enticingly far down to explore his abs. The game heated up and became more playful. When he led her into a twirl, she purposefully pulled him closer, enabling her to breathe deeply of his natural scent and the smell of his sweat. When she turned to dance with her back to him, he pulled her hips in to his, allowing him to take in her scent and grind his pelvis against hers. When he finally dipped her, he did it so he was able to bring his face close to her neck. As his nose brushed her skin, heard her suck in her breath. He took it as consent and put his mouth upon her.


The dance had woken her. She had been tired after her set, but this intimate dance was altogether invigorating, relaxing and arousing. There was no work in it, just pure pleasure. He was athletic, and graceful. He was also hot, and the movements of his body only made him more appealing. If this was how his body moved on the dance floor, the translation to a more horizontal dance was obvious. She knew how she looked to him. It was written all over his face and his body. He thought she was sex in motion. He was on fire for her and totally aroused. She could see that through his jeans. But, he was behaving like gentleman. As much as he clearly wanted her, he seemed to want the dancing just as much. She felt the same way, and it made her bold and willingly yielding.

When he dipped her and brushed her neck, she could not help the sound that escaped her lips. When his mouth touched her, she gasped. He held her there, suspended below him, kissing her neck, working his way down toward her collarbone. She wrapped her arms around him and held on as her legs became liquid.


Gently, he lowered her to the floor. Then, they were all over each other. The reserve that had defined their dance, the restrained foreplay, gone. Their movements were all heat and passion. His mouth was all over her and her hands were all over him.

As he kissed her, she reached down and tugged his shirt free of the waist of his pants, dragging it up his back and over his head. When she saw his chest, smooth and slim and muscled, she moaned with delight, then flipped him over. She sat on top of him and covered his chest with her mouth, kissing and licking and tasting. He relished every bit of it, arching and stretching underneath her hunger. Her hands explored his pecs, his shoulders, his neck, his sides, his waist, his arms, her eyes taking in every inch of him. The two of them paused there for a moment. Her sitting on top of him, hands on his waist, eyes hot; him exposed beneath her. Then, he sat up and embraced her, putting his mouth on hers. He removed her top in a smooth motion and then her bra. Taking her mouth again, he wrapped his arms around her, drawing her naked chest to his, relishing the feel of her skin on his. He rolled her over this time. Kneeling over her, continuing to kiss her mouth, her chest, her breasts, he moved his hands down to her hips and began to remove her leggings. With her hands tangled in his hair, she tilted her hips up to facilitate the process. Then she was naked, and he was breathless, taking her in.

Growling in approval, he lay down beside her, kissing her mouth as he reached between her legs to find the wetness between them. She bent one knee and spread them to give him better access. As his finger slipped inside of her, she cried out. He responded to her cry by massaging her clitoris with his thumb and kissing her more deeply. She came in waves, clinging to him, and he drank in her cries, encouraging them with his mouth and his hands.


When her orgasm subsided, she looked up at him. He was grinning from ear to ear. Fuck, she was beautiful. He never wanted to take his hands off her. The sight of her climax was the most erotic thing he had ever seen and he very nearly came, himself, watching it. Then, oh thank sweet god, she reached down and undid his belt, then his fly. She fumbled to push his jeans down over his hips, but her arms weren’t long enough, so she brought up one foot, hooked her toes into his waistband and tried to push them down. He laughed and reluctantly removed his hand from her sex. He stood up, removed his pants and stood there for a moment. They were quite the picture. Him standing naked and erect above her. Her lying panting on the floor below him. He took in her toned, sweating body and she took in his. She beckoned to him to come down to her and he did not hesitate.

He returned to the floor and slid between her legs. With his hands on either side of her face, his mouth on her mouth, and her hands firm on his hips, he slid into her. The music was still on, but there was a pause in the tracks. He waited, enjoying the feel of simply being inside her. She did not encourage him further, but just lay still letting her body adjust to the feel of an unfamiliar shaft inside of her. His cock pulsed slightly, as if trying to fill in the silence with continued rhythm. She smiled into his eyes and he smiled back.

When the music began to play again, he found the rhythm with his hips. He rolled them forward and back with the downbeat, speeding up and slowing down as the rhythm demanded. He was as creative in his sexual movements as he was in his dancing, and she could follow as well underneath him as she did when he led her on the floor.


Again, they cycled through many styles and speeds, the dance turned to love-making. For some time he was on top of her, thrusting with the heaviness of the musical beats. When the music slowed, she flipped him over so that she could lead, sitting astride him, rocking her hips gently, massaging her clitoris against his body, driving him gently but deeply into her. When the music sped up again, he rolled her back over and took the lead once more. They made love lying down and sitting up. They watched themselves in the mirrors, laughing at their own pleasure, losing focus and having to start over again, but always finding their way easily back to the pleasure coursing through their bodies.

When they came, they did it in tandem, staying true to their dance. She was leading this time. The feel of her body stiffening underneath him and contracting around his shaft gave his body the cue it needed. He thrust deep inside of her and let everything go, pulsing, as she gripped him with her legs and her deep muscles. He came with fierce groans that matched her cries and, together, they rode the rhythms of their climax, peaking and then slowing in waves, both ending breathless and exhausted. A perfectly synchronized finale.


10 Seconds

Romance needs food. If a romance is not fed, its fire fades and fades until it finally burns out. I have learned this over time, and it has caused me much heartache and sadness. I have a lover who also knows this. Because of this hard-earned knowledge, we have developed a secret weapon of sorts. A match, some tinder to keep our passionate fire burning. It is our 10 seconds.

10 seconds.

Whenever we have been apart and we meet again, we have 10 seconds. Whenever we have been sleeping and we wake, we have 10 seconds. It is amazing what you can do with 10 seconds. The ways to fill that span of time are endless, and the possibilities fuel our creativity.

The one rule is: the 10 seconds are filled with him and me and touch. There is no outside world. There are no discussions. Just him. Just me. Just touching.

It started with kisses. We would meet at the end of the day and the first thing we would do would be to kiss. We would share a 10 second kiss. At first it was strange, even comical. It made us giggle. To stand and kiss for 10 seconds. We had to think about it. We had to think about relaxing into it. We had to count in our heads. It was hard. But, quickly, we discovered its magic. We stopped counting and just started kissing. The seconds passed more quickly. 10 seconds became 20. A simple kiss led to gentle sweet touches. A simple kiss of the lips turned into a deeper more probing kiss. Touches would often be followed by embraces. Then, the world was forgotten. Whatever was so important and had to be taken care of before anything else was quickly wiped away because, well, 10 seconds wasn’t that long. It was just enough time to forget. Forget everything except each other.

Fire was kindled. Fires began to build. Fires were sustained.

Now I find myself thinking about our 10 seconds. I find myself looking forward to our 10 seconds. I want what those 10 seconds will lead to. Now, I think of different ways to spend those 10 seconds. Now, I look forward to where those 10 seconds will go.

How many ways can you fill 10 seconds? A 10 second kiss, yes, but what else? A 10 second kiss with a hand on a bottom, kneading flesh, pulling a body closer. That is a difficult 10 seconds to walk away from. But the walking away is part of the fun. A 10 second kiss with a hand on a breast, kneading flesh, squeezing a nipple. That is a 10 seconds that begs for more. A 10 second kiss with fingers between legs, searching out hidden flesh and warm dark places. That is a 10 seconds that cries out to be released. And it is. Not immediately. But it is. That is the best part. 10 seconds turns into more. 10 seconds lasts all day. Not in reality, but in my mind. In his mind. In our minds. In our bodies. My body cannot forget the 10 seconds of contact. The 10 seconds of caresses. The 10 seconds of foreplay. My body quietly smolders all day.

Sometimes the 10 seconds happen in our home. Sometimes the 10 seconds are secret trysts, hidden behind doors in public places. That is the other rule. The 10 seconds happen every time we reunite. This makes us creative. Sometimes we can be passionate, sometimes we have to be reserved. Do we hide and express our passion, or do we pretend we are chaste and proper? It is a game that only we are party to. That is also part of the fun.

10 seconds. When we do come together, in the privacy of our own bed, the 10 seconds explode. Then we no longer have to think. We can simply be. We can be hands and mouths and bodies. We can be fire. The smolder quickly ignites and the release and relief are heaven.

10 seconds.


We hug all the time. We are friends. It is part of our daily interaction. We have never been lovers and we never will be. It is simply not an option between us, nor do I want it to be. We are only friends and will always be only friends. However…I will not deny to myself that you intrigue me. I will not deny that every time we touch there is a pleasurable connection. You feel good, and I like it. I like the way you feel. I look forward to our embraces. I enjoy the way your arms feel, firm around me, pulling me close to your body. I enjoy the sound of your breath as you exhale and deliver yourself to that embrace. I love that you do not immediately pull away. Your embraces are ones of true affection and you are generous with them.

And… in that moment when we hug, I get to enjoy a whole new set of encounters with you. My imagination runs. For a little while. Just for fun.

What would your body feel like in another context? What would your skin feel like? I have never felt it. What would your breath sound like in my ear? Not simply as a breath, but as an expression of passion? The thought is enticing and makes me smile. It is pleasing. To think of that.

Those parts of you are reserved for others, but my mind belongs to me and so, I can think about it.

I have never seen any part of you naked. You are always fully clothed in my presence. I know what your body feels like, pressed to mine, but what does it look like? In this moment, I can think about touching it.

I have felt your hands touch me, but not touch me. What would those hands feel like if they touched bare skin….bare skin that matters? Not my hands.

Your lips have never touched me. They have been close to me, but have never touched me. They are a delicious mystery. A fantasy.

How would your voice sound uttering different words? I fill in the blanks.

You are a person of passion. I am attracted to that. I see beauty and joy and adventure in that. You give your passion to others, as I do. But…that does not mean I cannot imagine…what you would feel like…were you to give it to me.







The shower was huge, more like a walk in closet than a space for bathing. It had tiles from floor to ceiling and a little ridge around the edge so that the water would collect just slightly on the floor, making a warm puddle. The water cascaded down from the ceiling like rain. It felt more like standing outside in a warm storm, rather than taking a shower.

He lay me down on the tiles of the floor and positioned himself over me, masking my face from the rain with his, one hand supporting his weight, the other caressing the side of my face. He looked, smiling, into my eyes.

One of his knees was between my thighs, high between them, keeping them apart, almost touching my sex, but not quite. As the water ran down the length of his thigh, it dripped tantalizingly on to the tip of my clitoris, a teasing drip, drip, drip, that was sweet torture. I moaned, closing my eyes and licking my lips.

He smiled quizzically.

“I’m not even touching you.”

“Look at your knee.”

He lifted one eyebrow and moved his gaze down.

“Oh.” He said, when he realized what he had inadvertently been doing.  “Hmmm.” He wondered out loud.

Then he bent down and, purposefully, covered my sex with his mouth. With a long, smooth, sensual suck, he drank all the moisture from my skin. I gasped with pleasure and arched up from the floor. He laughed, enjoy the effect of his actions.

I laughed too, then closed my eyes. His arms were wrapped around my hips, his hands on my stomach, his fingers holding on to me and drawing my body against his mouth. His lips were on me, licking and sucking, making a slow, sensuous feast of my sex.

His mouth was talented and purposeful; its movements executed in well-practiced patterns. He circled me with his tongue, exploring every fold of my sex. He covered me with firm, languorous licks. He penetrated me with his tongue, retreating from my body with slow, strong sucks of my clit. He flicked his tongue with skill, delivering quick, sharp jolts of pleasure to my body. He took his time and his own pleasure in doing it. He was attentive and calculating, bringing me just to the brink of orgasm, then slowing down, waiting for my peak to subside. Then he would begin again. The experience was breathtaking and slow, maddening and perfect.

As I yielded to his carnal ministrations, all my senses awoke and my body became receptive to the greater, all-encompassing physical situation enveloping me: The warmth of the water raining down over me. The constant drip, drip of the drops assaulting my skin. The slickness of the wet. The heaviness of my soaked hair around my face. The hard, slick of the tiles under my back. And the man between my thighs.


I stretched my arms above my head, lengthening my body, making more room for the waves of sensation to wash over me. And then…oh…he was ready for me to come. He was going to make this happen, now. He sucked harder, flicked more quickly, and with a smooth movement, brought his fingers to my sex and slid them into me. I gasped and curled upward, coiling my fingers into his hair. His mouth attended to that mass of nerves outside of me as his fingers massaged its opposite inside of me and I exploded in an all-encompassing climax that traveled over me, rippling up and down my body.

We hadn’t know each other very long, but there was a sweetness about our affection for one another that was intoxicating. A desire to touch one another gently. To kiss softly. To be close.

We had been laughing and joking, running around the house like children. I grabbed his hand and led him up the stairs to the dressing room. He sat down, smiling at me, catching his breath. I regarded him for a moment, made a decision, and then proceeded to strip off my clothes. He watched me attentively, his eyes sparkling with a mix of surprise, joy and uncertainty.

I went around the corner and turned on the water for the shower. The space was huge, more the size of a walk in closet than a shower. It was open, with no door, and the water came down from the ceiling like rain, without a specific shower head. It was fantastic.

I walked into the misty cascade, the water slowly soaking my hair and covering my skin, beginning to pool at my feet. After a moment, he came around the corner, still dressed. I turned to him and stood still, letting him look at me and make his own decision.

He took off his clothes and hung them on the hooks on the wall. Then, he joined me under the water.

The air between us was still. Calm. But inside of me, there was a churning. His growing erection and his eyes told me that he must be feeling the same way, and that we were both committed the outcome of this sweet game.

In the rainy wet of the shower, he came to me and took me gently at the waist, bending down to kiss me. Our mouths, wet and warm, came together beautifully. Our lips pressed together, then opened gently as our tongues began exploring one another’s mouths.

We were not embracing. Our mouths were touching. His hands rested gently on my waist. Mine were on his arms. The only other contact between us was the push of his erection against my stomach. The lack of contact was maddening, totally hot. All of a sudden my body was on fire. I did not want to go through any preamble or foreplay, I wanted to feel this man inside me and I told him so.

“Put yourself inside me. I want you inside me.”

He paused, looking at me for a moment, and then obliged. Putting his arms around me, he lifted me to the built-in shelf at the side of the shower. It was the perfect height as he sat me upon it.

“Don’t thrust. Just be inside me. Fill me up and stay there. Let me feel you inside me. Let yourself feel me around you.”

With a lift of his eyebrow, he did as I asked. Holding onto my hips and watching my face carefully, he slowly pushed inside of me until his full length was sheathed within my body.

“Ahhh.” We both sighed.  It was amazing. “Don’t move.” I said. “Just feel this.”

It was exquisite. We had never shared more than a kiss and a chaste caress before and now, here we were, naked, soaked and bodily connected. Intimate lovers.

My hands were on his arms and my legs were wrapped tightly around his waist. The urge to move was almost overpowering. I could see it in him and he could see it in me. Our eyes were locked together, both of us breathing more heavily now.  “Just stay still. Just a moment longer.” He nodded.

Then, it began. As we looked at one another, the look on his face shifted to one of pure carnal pleasure and he sucked in his breath. He closed his eyes for a long moment and I could see the muscles in his torso contract as he began to moan. Opening his eyes again, his hands tightened on my hips. He was pushing himself as hard against me as possible as his body stiffened and he fought to remain still. Watching the climax overtake his body, my own body reacted and I felt my own orgasm began to build. I locked my eyes on his, reveling in this turn of events as my breath shortened and my body lit up. Then, I felt him begin to pulse inside of me and, as he came into me, my body exploded around him, my deep muscles squeezing and massaging. My own cries joined his as we both came hard. I arched backwards in my ecstasy, barely containing my own urge to move as the waves of pleasure rolled over me.

Then, his arms were around me, pulling my body to his. His mouth was on mine, his tongue thrusting in the way his cock had not. The kiss was beautiful, passionate and full of the sweetness, gratitude and relief of new physical love.

As our mouths parted, the smile on his face was pure joy. My own smile met his and I began to giggle. He lifted me up, disconnecting from me with a moan. Then, with eyes still hungry and a body still stiffly awake, he lay me down on the wet floor under the warm, raining, water and began to explore the body he had just experienced.

It is late. Really late. I want to go to him. He is not far away, just in the next room.

I hesitate for a moment. He certainly won’t reject me, but will he be what I want him to be, tonight? Will he understand my need?

I need to feel controlled. Not in a negative, domineering way. I feel out of control and I need someone outside of me, him, to curb that feeling.

I want to go to him, but I want him to lead the way. I want to crawl into the bed next to him, slide in under the covers and leave the rest up to him. I want to submit to him. I want him to make me feel as though I have no responsibilities. I want his body to think for both of us.

I want him, in that haze of sleep, to follow his most basic instincts. I want him to roll over, reach out his arm and pull me toward him. No talking, just bodies. I want his hand to find its way from my waist down to my ass. I want him to pull my hips toward his. I want to feel his kiss and I want to feel his hands explore my skin, finding their way to wakefulness and arousal. I want to feel his erection grow against my belly and I want him to follow its lead. I have brought my body to give to him. I want him to take it. I want him to roll on top of me and nestle in between my legs. I want him to kiss my mouth and neck and breasts. I want him to run his hands down my body. I want to feel his hands. I want my skin to be caressed by his strong, purposeful hands. I want to feel his fingers running over my thighs, then between my legs and up to my waiting cleft. I want to feel them tantalize me and make me ready. I want to feel them penetrate my body as his tongue penetrates my mouth. I want to feel my body arch against him as his pushes down onto mine. I want to feel his body. I want to feel how much larger and stronger than me he is. I want him to be in control. I want to feel the tip of his cock press against my slick opening. I want to feel his thickness, his warmth and his stiffness as he slides into me. I want him to fill me. I want to feel his muscles work as he thrusts into me. I want to wrap my legs and arms around him as he takes pleasure in me and I want to ride that submission into my own ecstasy.

I want to go to him.

Sometimes, the touch of a lover’s body is sweet enough.

He brought me to orgasm, using his hand and his mouth, and it was blissful. Now, my body is relaxed and languid. My muscles have eased and are warm and pliant.

It is his turn.

I lie on my back. My sex is wet. Lovely and slick.

My body has sunk deep into the blanket. My legs are open. He comes over me. His hands are gentle and purposeful and loving. His mouth is warm and wet. His kisses tell me how pleased he is with himself.

He should be.

I am.

He kisses my breasts. My neck. My mouth.

His body is comfortably heavy on mine. Our skins feel wonderful together.

He settles between my legs and reaches down for one more feel, smiling at his work before he guides his cock inside me.

It is his turn.

I wrap my arms and legs around him as he begins to move. His breathing intensifies and he kisses my mouth, taking my breath as well. I curl my fingers into his hair and hold his head, kissing him back, exploring his mouth with my tongue in the way I know he loves.

He moves. His hips rock up and down. Back and forth.

He is taking his pleasure of my body, and my body finds pleasure in that.

The sounds of his intensified breathing and his slight moans make my body respond, wanting to envelop him even more fully.  I bury my face in his neck, kissing the skin there, and let my hands explore his arms and back and buttocks….wherever they can reach. His mouth is next to my ear and I can hear all of his pleasure as clearly as I can feel it.

He groans but he takes his time, slowing down to make it last longer. He pulls almost all the way out of me and pauses, breathing purposefully, controlling his body. Then, he pushes in to me again. Long, slow, thrusts. In. Out. Smooth. Steady. Stimulating. So stimulating! My hips respond, rolling up and down to meet his thrusts. The sensations of skin on skin and sweat-slick friction cover me.

It is his turn, and it feels wonderful.

His body stiffens and his movements increase in speed as he finds his way, building towards climax. He takes his weight onto his arms and lifts up his chest. Shorter, harder strokes now. He grunts with his own effort and his face makes that expression that is so him. I can read his pleasure. I can see exactly what he is feeling and I love it. Holding my hips up at that perfect angle for his entry, I finish his strokes with firm pushes of my own.

This is right. This is good. Our bodies know each other. It is his turn and I am happy for him to have it.

He cries out as he reaches orgasm and I can feel him pulsing, deep and hard, spilling his pleasure inside me.

Then, those last few shuddering strokes, those last few groans as his pleasure subsides and his body releases the tension of his orgasm.

He breathes out and settles onto me, kissing my neck. I stroke his arm. His weight on me is heavy and perfect.